Business Fund and Friendraiser Toolkit

Children's Home Society of Washington's Walla Walla region is celebrating the 20th anniversary of our SweetHeart for Kids annual benefit event. This year looks different from the year's past. For the first time, SweetHeart for Kids will take place virtually Feb 20-24 and feature opportunities for businesses and supporters to come together to raise awareness and funding for essential programming for the children and families in Walla Walla at a time when they need it most.

Donations to SweetHeart for Kids will help children and families who rely on us for referral services to help them navigate through uncertain and frightening times to overcome the issues they are facing; those who depend on us for child development, parenting support, and financial assistance with basic needs; and for our community's LGBTQ+ youth who rely on our Triple Point support group for a safe and secure haven to safely express their true selves. Learn more about the impact of our programs in Walla Walla.

The support of local businesses and sponsors via their employees and their customers is critical to SweetHearts for Kids' success! Not only does your participation help ensure a successful day of fund and friendraising, but your dedication to our important work will be recognized throughout Walla Walla. For SweetHearts for Kids, we're offering your business an opportunity to engage your employees and customers to donate, and in turn, bring invaluable visibility to your business.

How can I be successful in spreading philanthropy to my employees and customers? Check out the Business Fund and Friendraiser Toolkit below for ideas on running a successful Fund and Friendraiser. We've supplied marketing resources, communication templates, and ideas around incentives and celebrations to engage your employees and customers in giving and how they can further spread your message to their networks.

How do I run a successful fundraiser for my business?

The number one recommendation for running a successful fundraiser for SweetHearts for Kids is that you are truly celebrating and encouraging the act of giving - big and small! Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas on motivating your employees and your customers to rally around SweetHearts for Kids!

Share SweetHeart for Kids with Everyone
Set Goals and Celebrate Them!
Offer a Match
Spread the Word Far and Wide

Sample Communications

Use some of these sample communications below to start spreading the word about your business's involvement in SweetHeart for Kids. When sharing on social media, make sure you're always using the official hashtag, #sweetheartforkids to be included in the conversation!

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is the most popular form of social media to share about participation in giving day - so make sure you're using it leading up to and on Feb 20-24! You can use Facebook to share with employees and your customers how you're participating in SweetHeart for Kids and amplifying the giving efforts.

  • Announce your participation: We are excited to announce we are participating in SweetHeart for Kids, supporting Children's Home Society of Washington in Walla Walla as a Fund and Friendraiser. The goal of this virtual event is to help provide awareness and funding for essential programming for some of Walla Walla's most vulnerable populations. #sweetheartforkids
  • If you're offering a match: Today, our business is focused on improving the community by matching all our employees' gifts made to Children's Home Society of Washington in Walla Walla through SweetHeart for Kids! Give today at SweetHeart for Kids. #sweetheartforkids
  • If you're offering an incentive to employees or customers: [Business name] is supporting Children's Home Society of Washington in Walla Walla on Feb 20-24 and offering a gift basket to any customer that gives today. Stop on in today after you give through SweetHeart for Kids and show us your receipt to be eligible! #sweetheartforkids
  • Celebrate the success you achieved for the day: Wow!  We are in awe of the fantastic employees and customers we have. We were collectively able to raise $X with X donors for Children's Home Society of Washington in Walla Walla through SweetHeart for Kids. We couldn't do this without all of you and your fantastic support of our community. Thank you! #sweetheartforkids

Share pictures of your business, employees, and customers participating in SweetHearts for Kids on Instagram. If you have a dress down day in the office, offering a raffle, or hosting (or encouraging attendance at) an event, share all of these events on Instagram! Make sure you're using the hashtag so people can keep up: #sweetheartforkids!


Social media is an excellent tool for spreading the word to people that follow you on social media. However, there is no substitute for a direct, targeted email to your employees, customers, or even personal network. Consider sending emails that correspond to your social media activity, as well as direct targeted asks. Here is a sample email to get you thinking about how you want to spread the word!

Subject: Join us and be a SweetHeart for Kids! Through Feb 24, (Business Name) supports Children's Home Society of Washington in Walla Walla through SweetHearts for Kids!

Dear [employees/customers/person],

On Feb 20-24, businesses and individuals across our Walla Walla community will come together to support Children's Home Society of Washington in Walla Walla during SweetHeart for Kids. We are so excited to be part of this exciting giving event as a business Fund and Friendraiser to show everyone in the community how big of hearts our employees and customers have.

The goal of this virtual event is to help provide awareness and funding for essential programming for some of Walla Walla's most vulnerable populations – families impacted by job loss and illness who are now facing even greater food insecurity and homelessness risks, children and adults in need of behavioral health services, and those in need of technology services to continue succeeding in school and work through these unprecedented times.

[IF OFFERING MATCH]: Your donations to SweetHeart for Kids will be amplified because we are offering bonus dollars as an incentive to give. [Describe program here, i.e., dollar for dollar, up to a certain amount, lump sum to reach a goal, etc.]

Your personal networks are going to make a huge difference today. There are so many ways to spread the word:

  • Text a Friend!
  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #sweetheartforkids.
  • Send an email.
  • Remember that you can also tell someone in person - that works too!

To make sure your gift [is matched], follow these steps:

  1. Visit SweetHeart for Kids
  2. You can start donating now through Feb 24. Remember to write in [Business Name] at checkout!
  3. Spread the word! Let your network know about SweetHeart for Kids and why you are supporting the event. Use the hashtag #sweetheartforkids to be part of the conversation.

For questions about SweetHeart for Kids and how you can get involved, please visit {{your business}} or contact [Business Name].


[Business Contact]